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paper becames toy!

Here you'll find few paper toys, models and geometry stuff.

Tools needed: cutting knife / scissors, glue, printing paper, and PDF-Reader installed on your computer.
Cutting out and foldind: It's better to use cutting knife, but also possible scissors. Fold all along the dash and dot-dash lines. The dashed lines are mountain folds; the dot-dash lines are valley folds.
Gluing: Glue the model together by putting glue on the flaps with the spot. Use non-water based clue to prevent warp.
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white-unfold toys:

Toys \ models still in development or basicly designed without color or "skin". You can paint it yourself to impress your imagination.


space squirrel?

bad kitty, hello
finished paper-toys:

Mostly with vector color \ texture for fast download and high quality prints.

USSR - rocket

xmas tree

ex.10,  blaandbla
bla blaandbla

white hadgehog
bla andbla bla

try_gelatine - 4



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